Ben Hogan Golf Tips

Ben Hogan Golf Tips… there aren`t many, if any, golfers to learn the golf swing from than Ben Hogan.

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Ben Hogan Golf Tips

Ben Hogan's nine major championships speak for themselves, but he also had an authoritative voice when it came to golf instruction.

Hogan wrote two books on the golf swing -- "Power Golf" in 1948 and "Five Lessons" in 1957 -- that are still sought after by golfers of all levels. Known for his meticulous practice habits, Hogan constantly worked on trying to perfect his swing and these books were his outlet to share the knowledge he'd gained with the general public.

Along the way, Hogan's lessons were sporadically published in Golf Digest as well. Here, we look back at some of these gems that are just as applicable today as when he doled them out.

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Ben Hogan Golf Tips… I hope you enjoyed these golf tips.

Golf Fat Shot Fix

Golf Fat Shot Fix... I would bet all of us have hit a fat golf shot and it usually comes up at the worst time. Would you like to know why and how to stop it?

Well, Dave Nevogt, author of "Simple Golf Swing", has written an article below on why we hit fat shots and how to fix it.

David Nevogt іѕ thе author οf “Thе Simple Golf Swing” whісh guarantees tο hаνе уου shooting 7 strokes lower іn οnlу 1 week frοm today. Hіѕ golf teachings hаνе hеlреd over 220,000 golfers over thе past 4 years.

Here is Dave`s article...

Golf Fat Shot Fix

The cure for a fat shot...
This problem may be easier to fix than you think. You may not realize it, but your back shoulder may be dipping towards the ground. This move forces the club to hit the ground too early. Most of the time it happens when you are really trying to get into the ball. Imagine…You're 200 yards out and you've chosen to hit the 4 iron. When you've got it in your head that you have to hit the ball hard to get it there, it's natural tendency to start your downswing with the hips in an effort to "really get into the ball". That may work in baseball, but not in golf.

Putting Tip Videos

Putting Tip Videos... here is an excellent putting tip from Bobby Eldridge, head teaching pro at PurePoint Golf. He shows us the best way to use the back swing and forward swing.

Putting Tip Videos...

Check out this wonderful putting tip from PurePoint Golf on how to correct your back swing during the putt.

Putting Tip Videos... thanks for the putting tip.

Golf Chipping Lessons-Ball Position

Golf Chipping Lessons-Ball Position... here`s Bobby Eldridge, head professional at PurePoint Golf, explaining the best chipping ball position.

Chipping : Setup - Ball Position
An article by: Bobby Eldridge

Ball is Equal
Clubface 2 Degrees Closed
Too Far Forward
Clubface Continuing to Close to Finish
Too Far Back
Clubface Continuing to Close to Finish
Bottom of Ball
Clubface Continuing to Close to Finish
Clubhead Has to Swing Down Into Ground
Clubface Continuing to Close to Finish

Golf Chipping Lessons-Ball Position

Let's talk in more detail about Part Four-The golf ball is in the Center of your Stance at address. As you walk up to the golf ball and ground the clubhead now is the time to make sure the golf ball is centered in your stance. The golf ball is equal distance between both of your feet.(#1)
The clubhead has to find the bottom of the arc in the downswing. If the golf ball is too far forward in your stance you will risk a shallow swing which will cause you to hit up on the golf ball.(#2)

If the ball is too far back in your stance your swing would have to be too vertical and you could not get the golf ball in the air.(#3)

It does not matter what the lie is, the ball is still centered in your stance. If you have a bare lie, thick rough lie or even an uneven lie, the ball position stays the same, in the middle of your stance. Addressing the golf ball in the middle of your stance will allow the clubhead to find the bottom of the golf ball.(#4)
If you address the golf ball too far forward in your stance, you will have a tendency to pull your chip shots; the clubface will be aiming left at impact. If you address the golf ball too far back in your stance, you will have a tendency to push your chip shots; the clubface will be aiming right at impact.
What you are trying to do is find the bottom of the arc. The leading edge of the clubhead has to swing DOWN into the ground in the downswing. By placing the golf ball in the center of your stance, this will provide you the best opportunity to do this.(#5)
Golf Chipping Lessons-Ball Position... the main goal in setting up properly is to not hit a fat chip. We know that`s a score killer and makes you feel stupid. I hope this helps. Check out this PurePoint golf short game dvd below plus sign up for the series of golf tip videos.

Hit all your pitch and chip shots within 5 feet of the pin by using this simple short game method.

Butch Harmon Golf Lesson

Butch Harmon Golf Lesson... learn the seven things that all great golfers do and learn who you should copy and how to do it.

 Here`s a Wikipedia outline of Butch Harmon...

Claude "Butch" Harmon, Jr. (born August 28, 1943) is an American golf instructor and former professional player. He is the son of 1948 Masters Tournament champion Claude Harmon, Sr. and has been in the golf industry since 1965.

Harmon is best known for having been Tiger Woods' golf coach from 1993 to 2004, though they have since gone their separate ways. In April 2007, it was announced that Harmon would start working with Phil Mickelson. He has also worked with other major champions such as Ernie Els, Stewart Cink, Greg Norman, Davis Love III, Fred Couples and Justin Leonard, and with younger stars such as Nick Watney, Adam Scott, Dustin Johnson, Natalie Gulbis, and most recently Gary Woodland.

Butch Harmon Golf Lesson...

here`s an excerpt from the Golf Digest article...
7 Things All Great Players Do Here's who you should copy—and how to do it
My time around great players started with my dad. He finished top 10 in 11 major championships and won the Masters in 1948. His closest friend was Ben Hogan. When they'd play practice rounds together, I'd tag along silently, asking a million questions afterward. My clearest memory of Mr. Hogan is how he could control his ball. He always left it in the right place, even when he missed. And he could control it through the air like nobody--high, low, draw, fade. It was incredible to watch. One day my dad asked me to play with him and Mr. Hogan. By then I was a know-it-all teenager, and I got all the way to the first tee before my nerves took over. I remember standing over that first shot: I was wearing a visor, and on my last look down the fairway I saw a pair of golf shoes out of the corner of my left eye. Mr. Hogan's shoes. All those years watching him, and now he was watching me. I flared it right and didn't settle down until he threw his arm around me a few holes later. Great players have a huge effect on us, because they excel at something we love to do. Here I'll show you what I've learned from some of the top players I've coached. Some are things we worked on together; others, just like Mr. Hogan's ball control, are things I simply marveled at. I'm sure these lessons can help you play better.
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Butch Harmon Golf Lesson... great suggestions from Butch. I hope these helped. Sign up below for your free daily video lessons.